Anna Fenn is your fully-qualified massage therapist next door, providing solutions to a range of muscular issues and enhancing your well being.

I offer massage treatments to relieve tension and treat injuries, regenerate and revitalise.

I specialise in individualised relaxing Swedish, deep soft tissue massage to really work your muscles and Remedial massage to treat specific problems. My qualifications are endorsed by ITEC  and VTCT. and the MMM Midlands School of Massage and Manipulative Therapy.  I am a member of the proffesional body NAMMT – National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists.  I am also fully insured to practice covered by BALENS.

The training, education and experience that I have allows me to safely address a variety of concerns through massage therapy.

I hope you enjoy massage and the benefits it offers as much as I do.

Regular massage can help:

  • improve flexibility
  • improve range of movement
  • Ease pain
  • release deep muscular tension
  • break down scar tissue and adhesion’s
  • ease ligament and tendon problems
  • speed recovery from injury
  • reduce spasms and cramps
  • improve circulation
  • Relax the body
  • Improve posture
  • enhance well-being
  • ease anxiety and depression by calming the nervous system
  • ease problems sleeping